Monday, November 26, 2012

521 Blogpost #5

This semester, I have been surprised by the literacy levels of my students.  They are able understand the vocabulary terms they learn and they are also able to define and use their mathematical vocabulary terms.  They are not able to justify their work though.  When they are able to do a math problem they struggle in putting it into words and explain their reasoning.


Next year when I become a teacher my literacy rich classroom will have a vocabulary word wall for the students. There will also be a bulletin board ready for super star students work when they are able to justify their math work into words and explain.  This will help keep students aware of their vocabulary and motivated to accomplish great work.    My students will be engaged in getting to know their classmates and also my teaching style.    My students are reading the text book sections to help them understand the mathematical concepts I taught that day.


My classroom will still consist of a vocabulary word wall but the wall will begin to grow!  The bulletin board of super stars will also begin to grow as my students get comfortable with justifying their mathematical reasoning.  My students are engaged in learning the mathematical concept and figuring out how it can relate to them outside of our math class.  My students begin to read the section in the book a day prior to teaching the lesson in order for them to get an idea of what they will be learning.  Also to build a foundation for the students therefore they are not going into the lesson blind.  My students are writing down at the end of their notes things that they found important in the class period each day.  My students begin to get comfortable with their classmates and they begin to being able to orally discuss mathematical reassigns they have accomplished.

MAY 2014

My classroom becomes to full of vocabulary terms and students begin to use the terms regularly.  Also the super star board of justified math work that students have become experts at.  My students begin to be engaged in finding out how the mathematical content we learn and how it connects to real life situations on their own.  They are engaged in understanding and applying what they know when they get home in their everyday life.  My students are capable of independent learning in area's such as vocabulary and justifying mathematical concepts!

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