Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In your reflection include your opinion, what surprises you, what doesn’t, and how you will use the information to inform your own teaching.

"Leveraging Intelligent Adaptive Learning to Personalize Education"

In this article I was really surprised how manny administrators were for this.  This idea of the Dream Box.  The idea that students will be able to give up valuable in formation that will help teachers influence their their lessons and adapt to their students.  Its really surprised me that 67% of administrators said that using technology in the classroom will improve student engagement.  What doesn't surprise me is that even though so many schools believe technology will help not many schools are taking further action.  In my own teaching I will try to  incorporate student intrestes and tecnology in my classroom.  At my clinical practice now it is really hard to incorporate digital age technology due how low of an income area the school is located. 

 Students Speak Up to President Obama about how to improve their schools 
In this video students are asked if they had to talk to the president about improving schools what do they feel needs to change, be added and so on.  It was an interesting topic to me in the fact the students were asked to talk to the president and also that they all seemed to be in high school.  What about K-8th grade??  Something that surprised me is that a lot of the students had the same answers.  Were they given options to choose from?  Something that did not surprise me was that the answers they had.  Everyone knows that things like technology and smaller class sized are always needed.  One thing it did spark my interest is that if i did this for my kids I would be able to know what my students think will help them in the classroom.  Once i know what my students need then I will be able to help them in anyway way i could.  

Starting a Future teachers program at my school would be beneficial in many ways.  The first and main reason I feel it would be helpful is having two adults and educators in the classroom.  Be able to take on the co teaching model is proven to make a more successful classroom atmosphere.  Another reason that this would be good is that the classes and knowledge that future teachers have will help give multiple views and ideas on how to teach topics.  

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