Saturday, September 8, 2012

Plan, Design and Implement

During my 6th period Geometry class I surveyed my students
with an open ended question.  The question was, "What do you find the hardest when given a math word problem?"  The number one answer that I came across was that the students did not know how to take the words and apply it to an actually math equation.  Another issue many students also had was not understanding the vocabulary words that are used in the problem.   Lastly, something important that I noticed is the amount of spelling and grammar errors written in there quick write about math word problems.  As a teacher this shows me that when it comes to vocabulary and words problems we needs to spend a little more time in order to make sure the students understand what they need to do.  These answers are exactly what I would of expected from high school students especially since I am at a school with a large amount of English Learners.  With now knowing this information it will help me when I begin teaching.  It shows me to spend some extra focus on going over vocabulary with my students and also make sure they are practicing how to change word problems to numbers.

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