Monday, October 22, 2012


The sociocultural issue I have soon at my school site is the high number of young girls that are pregnant and become isolated.  I was walking at lunch and saw a young pregnant girl eating lunch alone.  It made me think to see if there could be a group for young pregnant girls to join.  This would give them an opportunity to relate to other young girls that are going through the same thing as her.  When i'm a teacher I would open my classroom up at lunch for these girls to come in, feel safe. and relate to peers that understand what they are going through.

Monday, October 15, 2012

After today we learned all about the human brain with adolescents it really intrigued my lesson planning process.  The teenage brain is still growing in high School and I want to make sure my students know that.  Maybe at the Beijing if each lesson I would give my students a "fun fact" about their brain.  This would get there brains thinking and also hopefully help them understand that their brains are still growing.
With my clinical practice I really have noticed that if you connect mathematical concepts to their lives in the real work they understand.  It also helps answer the infamous question of when am I ever going to use this.  Also I want to be able to get to know my students and there extra curricular activities/interests so that I can incorporate these into my lessons.  With this I hope to connect Marth with my students on a personal level in order to help them remember mathematical concepts.
I really feel students begin to engage in learning if they are interested in the topic, they are good at the topic or even if it is something fun for them.  If I try to make Math fun for my students I feel they will connect better and actually come into my classroom wanting to learn new math.  Also having a fun and safe learning environment for my students will help motivate them to want to come in and learn.  Ideas are games, puzzles, connecting to their lives or maybe just making sure they understand before moving on to a new topic.  These are just some of the ideas I came up with to engage students in learning.  I hope to LEARN more to engage my students in learning.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Type: Informal Worksheet working in groups or individually ( Students choice)

Purpose: To check for understanding of mathematical vocabulary

Implementation: Crossword Puzzle 

Feedback Strategies: Students turn in Crossword puzzle and Teacher will return with comments